A HISTORY. Short. Physically and poetically based: A brief and partial history of the judicial world as it is known to some of us. 10 mins. 1 female/1 male or 2 females.

AMERICAN ROSE. Full-length. An ensemble cast portrays the changing lives of American women who enter war production workplaces and wartime situations during the 1940s. Their stories are juxtaposed with additional roles iconic of U.S. female individuals from the WWII period. 75 minutes. Large female ensemble, multi-ethnic, diverse cast.

AN EDUCATION. Short. A magician-mime-teacher-scientist character provides a brief history of human weaponry. 10 minutes. 1 actor of any description.

AN OCEAN OF BEES. Full-length. A hilarious and poignant future of post-environmental collapse wherein four souls try to grasp what traits we humans need, and which we need to jettison, for survival. 80 mins. 2 female/2 male or one of each non-binary, 50%+ BIPOC, diverse cast.

AT DAWN WITH THE RAIN AND THE STARS. Full-length. Four female actors create lyrical roles in a story of intellectuals, artists and ordinary women. The play begins with the fictionalized portrayals of four true-to-life individuals from the 1930's. These four characters evolve into a fact-based group of four Partisan women arrested on the eve of the Paris deportations. Then the four actors step outside the characters they have created in order to explore why such stories remain relevant. 90 minutes. 4 female, age-range diverse.

EVERY CONCENTRATED FRAGMENT.  One-act. A lyrical exploration of the friendship bonds and the life-outcomes of four factually-based French women Partisans (Charlotte Delbo and her colleagues of Convoy 31000) from Nazi-era Europe as they confront the meaning of their arrests on the eve of the Paris deportations during WWII. 4 females (any), age-range diverse. 45 minutes.

IN THE BEGINNING... Short. Contemporary Rom-Com alternative set in the Garden of Eden, redux. 10 minutes. 1 female, 1 male, race neutral or any/all.

LETTERS TO JEFF BEZOS: A Short Monologue Play. Short. A letter writer addresses her thoughts to Jeff Bezos. 10 minutes. Zoom-friendly. 1 female, female-identified, or non-binary actor (of any race/ethnicity/age/appearance).

LETTERS TO JEFF BEZOS A One-Act Play. One-act. A group of letter writers meet to express their thoughts on life to Jeff Bezos. 25-30 mins. 2 female-identified, 1 male-identified, one non-binary or any; all race-neutral or any/all.

LETTERS TO JEFF BEZOS: A Full-Length Play. Full-Length. A group of letter writers express their thoughts on life via a contemporary icon, deploy a social media campaign to enlist others to do the same, and change their lives in the process. 65-75 mins. 2 female-identified, 1 male-identified, one non-binary or any; all race-neutral or any/all.

LITTLE KINGS. One-act. Five family members exist as present-day fractured-fairy-tale-versions of characters from King Lear, via an originally conceived satire that sends-up 400 years of human civilization and family history. A hilarious and thought-provoking tour de force. 60 minutes. 2 female or female-identified, 2 male or male-identified, 1 of either or non-binary, race-neutral or any/all.

MARY MARY. Short. A holiday-themed speed-play presented in 3 vivid snapshot flash-acts. Each act is set in the same home at Christmas Dinner; each dinner takes place in a different, consecutive decade. 15 minutes. 3 females, 2 males, race-neutral or any/all.

MY MEDEA. Full-length. A vibrant, accessible, and relevant re-telling of Medea, imbued with current events cut from the American landscape. 75 minutes. Large ensemble, both males and females, multi-ethnic, diverse cast.

ROLLOVER OTHELLO. Short. A stylized satire that achieves an emotional wallop, Rollover Othello presents Oth, Desdie and I. in a contemporary Brooklyn police house, where they "talk" over their various consummations and conflicts. 15 minutes. 1 female, 2 males.

WAITING FOR A TABLE AT THE GARDEN OF EDEN. Full-length experimental rom-com. Contemporary versions of Adam and Eve are placed in the Here and Now among the cultural temptations that distract us. Two actors explore their world through original uses of language and send-up scenes. 80 minutes. 1 female, 1 male, race-neutral or any/all.

WE ARE ALL DICK 3. One-act. Love/story mash-up by way of re-imagined Richard the Third romantic subplots with machinations spun from news and entertainment factories, including the incidents of 9/11. A stand-alone compressed-comedy-drama of relationships. 50-minute one-act play. 1 female, 1 male, race-neutral or any/all.

WHO WILL WITNESS FOR THE WITNESS. One-act. A lyrical play exploring the lives and the life-outcomes of four factually-based women from Nazi-era Europe (Marthe Cohn, Edith Stein, Gerda Taro, Simone Weil) as they ponder truth, life, fact, death, and existence. 25 minutes. 4 females (any), age-range diverse.

14 LADIES IN HATS. Full-length. A character series that explores the tension between expression and repression in the lives of contemporary American women and girls. Monologue-based. 75 minutes. 1 - 5 female-identified, any/all.

The above texts are available from <susan.hansell@gmail.com> and through the New Play Exchange National New Play Network.

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